Product Information /MOTIONTITE[Motiontite] : Evaluation

*Data will be posted as available.

(1) NAS Vibration Test (JQA Kansai Testing Center)
Regularly conduct vibration tests in accordance with US Aircraft Standard NAS3350.
Motiontite clears the vibrations of 1,800 rotations per minute and 30,000 rotations in 17 minutes.

(2)Junkers Vibration Test

(3)Fatigue Test: JISB1081 (Nagoya Industrial Research Institute)
When repeated stress is applied to a fixed bolt, the upper limits of stress which can be withstood from an infinite number of repeats is called the "fatigue limit".
A bolt's fatigue limit is obtained from the S-N curve, and it is generally considered that if there is no fatigue failure after 107 times or 5 x 106 times, it will permanently not be destroyed, and the stress amplitude at this points is the fatigue limit value.

(4)Load Share Ratio (Nagoya Industrial Research Institute)
The lower the load sharing ratio for the first thread to mesh, the more the fatigue strength is improved.

(5)Torque/Axial Force Test
The degree of axial force variance differs greatly depending on the surface type and whether there has been surface treatment, but here a comparison test was conducted without any surface treatment or lubrication.