To the future

What is the "Ultimate Screw", which brings everything together?
Screws that don't come loose with normal tightening...
Screws with large static strength and fatigue strength...
Screws with stable axial force without lubricants...
The closest screw to meeting these conditions is the Motiontite.

Initially, the development of the Motiontite was intended to be a one-of-a-kind "bolt that can prevent loosening simply by tightening normally". However, as various tests were conducted, we were reminded of the common-sense fact that "no matter how good a bolt is, if it doesn't have stable axial force it can't exhibit its true strength". With the required stable axial strength, screws don't easily come loose, and breakage due to fatigue is also less likely. If variance can be suppressed along with an improvement in fatigue strength, this reduces strength loss, making it possible to reduce the size of screws, allowing for the miniaturization of parts and products themselves.
Given this, the development of the "ultimate screw" means the development of screws with functionality which contributes to global energy efficiency.

Vehicles run on hydrogen or electricity, and unattended operation will become a mainstream.
AI evolves, semiconductors become smaller and smaller, and technologies keep progressing.
What kind of screws will be used in the world 100 years later?
Surely, lots of screws superior to "Motiontite" will be used. What shapes do they have? Just thinking of them makes me happy. It is because the screws have infinite possibilities.

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