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Company Overview

Company Name ART SCREW Co., Ltd.
Established May 2003
Capital 3 million yen
Representative President: Kou Matsubayashi
Address 3-67-1 Ikoma-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken
TEL +81-52-915-3295
FAX +81-52-915-3278
Areas of Business Development, manufacture and sale of anti-loose bolts


May 2003 Established Art Screw Co., Ltd. at 3-67-1 Ikoma-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya
February 2004 Awarded the "Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute Director's Award" for the "Symmetry Bolt" at the 2003 Nagoya Engineering Grand Prix.
July 2004 Adopted a subsidy in 2004 by the Nagoya Industries Promotion Corporation as a "Creative R&D Project"
July 2009 Adopted by METI in the "Strategic Advanced Base Technology Support Project (Sapoin)" (to March 2011)
March 2011 Awarded the top "Nagoya Mayor's Award" at the 2010 Nagoya Engineering Grand Prix for the "Motiontite".
July 2011 Adopted by the METI into the "Private Sector R&D Strengthening & R&D Support Project"
August 2011 Motiontite Patent Registration (Patent No. 4806103)
December 2011 Motiontite Patent Registration (Patent No. 4878407)
September 2013 Motiontite launched
March 2015 Awarded the "Distinguished Invention Award" in the 40th Invention Award
April 2020 Received award of excellence in the 32nd "Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent New Technology / New Product Award"


Dear screw manufacturers outside Japan,

Presently, we are seeking a screw manufacturer to undertake manufacture and sales of Motiontite in America and Europe. When making a contract for manufacture and sales, no contract money is required, and rolling dies and ring gauges can be purchased by paying only monthly royalties.
Please feel free to contact us for details.

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