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Summary of Motiontite

Anti-loosening, break-proof

The screw having the highest function ever, it's "MOTIONTITE." The two most common complaints about tightening of the screws are "loosening and breakage of the screw." "MOTIONTITE" is the innovative product that resolves both of the two biggest complaints at once.

The greatest feature of "MOTIONTITE" is that the inclined thread causes slight elastic deformation when tightened. Bending of the thread provides advanced functions such as "strong anti-loosening force, high fatigue strength, stable axial force and prevention of seizure," which have not been provided by conventional screws. These new functions improve workability and advance weight reduction of products and energy saving.

Asymmetrical screw Motiontite


The name Motiontite is a combination of the words "motion (movement) + tight", which expresses the concept of being "difficult to come loose".

The current triangular shape of screws with 60 degrees threads has not actually changed in shape for 150 years. Even as there have been varying standards such as the "unified thread" and the "metric thread", the shape of the thread has always remained the same. The Motiontite screw is a new standard in screws, which remains compatible with existing screws, while changed in the shape of the thread, making it less likely to come loose, and improving fatigue strength.

A total of more than 200 hours of vibration testing by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization, as well as various other evaluation tests by co-developer the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute have been carried out on an ongoing basis with the aim of developing even better products.

The Motiontite reduces the need for bolts, and has unlimited potential in lowering costs and improving fuel efficiency. It is our hope that in the future the Motiontite will be distributed throughout the world, becoming the de facto standard, leading to a reduction in accidents due to loosened screws and the achievement of a safer society.

Product List

Motiontite is an anti-loosening screw having threads slightly inclined toward a seat surface side.
Motiontite corresponds to heat-treated products and titanium alloy products in the range from M4 to M16.
Hexagon socket head bolts are purchasable also through the following URL of MonotaRO.
Motiontite Hard Type
Motiontite Hard Type is a product achieving a strong anti-loosening power by increasing an inclined angle toward the seat surface side and thereby increasing an elastic amount.
Motiontite Hard Type corresponds to heat-treated products and stainless steel products in the range from M2 to M10.
Motiontite Toughness (sale scheduled)
Motiontite Toughness is a product sticking to the durability achieving 1.5 times higher fatigue strength such that breakage does not occur even if a high vibrating load occurs.
Motiontite Tapping (under development)
A tapping screw less likely to loosen is under development.
We aim to replace small-sized screws with tapping screws.

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